Welcome to our RECIPES! You can select a category (e.g. chicken/poultry) for the types of recipes you’d like to view, OR, just take a ‘stroll’ through our pages and enjoy! Many of these wonderful dishes were shared with us by our customers! If you have a recipe and would like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you!

Please note that our recipes are a mix, (e.g. some are gluten free and some are not, some are Dairy Free and some are not.) We strive to clearly indicate which recipe ingredients are compatible with various diet considerations. However, YOU need to read the ingredients to be sure they meet the dietary requirements of you or of those in your care…you are ultimately responsible. We’re just here to support you if we can!


BBQ Greek Lime Chicken

Simple ingredients makes this easy to prepare...and OH SO DELICIOUS!

Greek Mushrooms, Peppers & Peas

This is so fast and easy to make! Did I mention it tastes amazing?

To Die For Pork Chop with Veggies

You can see the steam rising off of this juicy and delicious meal!

Greek Spaghetti ‘Pasta’ & Sauce

When I want spaghetti I fix this quick and delicious dish! It's great for many healthy diets and I replace pasta with zucchinni noodles! . Add sliced olives and cheese if you like!

Spring Ranch Tuna Salad

So easy and so delicious!

Sassy Cottage Cheese Salad

So refreshing and easy to prepare!

Easy Sassy Citrus Chicken with Baby Salad Greens

Flattening chicken makes it cook faster and much more even. A delicious way to enjoy our Sassy Pepper! Try them grilled!

Mushroom Stuffed Zucchini

As you can see from the photograph, we're showing you the HCG version (on the left) and regular (on the right) version of this recipe...both delicious!

Aaron’s Meatloaf

Glucomannan Roux

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